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Obtaining a visa for transit through the USA

For a stopover in the U.S., a foreign traveler must have authorization to transit U.S. territory. Transit visas allow travelers to transit through the United States on their way to a final destination.

For a stopover in the United States: It is not necessary to apply for a transit visa. You can simply apply for ESTA travel authorization by clicking on ESTA online form.

What is a transit visa?

An American transit visa is an authorization to enter the United States. It allows you to stay in the USA for a stopover. The visa holder must continue his trip and leave the United States as planned.

Who can apply for a transit visa?

All foreign travelers making a stopover in the United States can apply for an American transit visa. Their final destination must not be in the USA, otherwise they will have to apply for a B1/B2 visitor visa or any other type of US visa.

There are other specific cases, such as :

What are the different transit visas?

The transit visa categories are as follows:

How do I obtain a transit visa?